Inspired Post: Do Muscle Magazine Routines Work?

That revolting arm you've always wanted

So I was chatting on twitter earlier today and it inspired me to write this article.  Here is how the conversation went: That last line from L.J. (@72boris) got me thinking about muscle magazine routines. I was thinking about all the different programs in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Iron Magazine,, etc. Bodybuilding Programming Most [...]

A Lesson in Body Composition: Sprinters vs Endurance Runners – London Olympics 2012


Have you noticed that the short-distance sprinters are more muscular than the long-distance endurance runners? Shouldn’t the endurance runners have as much muscle as sprinters? Sprinters only run for 10-20 seconds but endurance runners run for 15-30 minutes (and even more for the longer distances!). It has a lot to do with the type of [...]

Weight Lifting Strength Standards: Setting Up Your Goals For Success


“So…. How much do YOU bench??” That’s one way of developing a strength standard.  You could go around the gym asking the biggest guys to see what they bench. If you take a look around the gym, it’s not hard to see how much weight the biggest guys push around. They may or may not [...]

The Different Areas of Weightlifting and Strength Training: What’s Good For My Goals?


“Eat Clean. Lift Heavy. Get Big.” Have you heard that before? I’m sure you may have heard this in some form or another.  I’ve certainly been told to lift heavy in order get big muscles. I’m going to go a little bit deeper into what it means to “Lift Heavy”.  I’ll save the “Eat Clean” [...]

Starting a New Fitness Exercise Program? Do This First!

Jogging on a bright November morning

Does this sound familiar? Scenario 1: You step on the scale, you look down and …. “OMG, I weigh ___ pounds!” Scenario 2: You get up in the morning to get changed, look in the mirror and … “Ugh, I hate the way I look” I can go through all types of scenarios, but here’s [...]

Welcome to!

Frank silhouette

Finally! I made it! I’ve always wanted to make a blog to document what I’ve learned about fitness over the years. I take on a “scientific” and results-driven approach (at least I try to).  Most of my progress and decisions are based on numbers, pictures and any sort of metrics that I can take to [...]